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3v3 Tang Dynasty


I have made a new game

It is a multiple 3v3 map game broken up to round

consisting of team A and B, each team will have 3 skill status Elite, Moderate and bigginer
each team mate can simply post joining team A moderate if available or whatever they fill will fit there skills set best, if there is a DISPUTE😰 between a skill status each player in question will battle a best of 3 to deside who will get the slot. When teams are all established each will battle the opposite teams equal skill status starting with elites first making the bigginers the deciding vote each round is 3 days at max or whenever all battles are faught between teams if all battles are not faught by max days the deciding vote is given to wich ever teams had the most wins if no battle was faught between teams then it restarts team if the all went as planned at the end of each round then the teams desolve you can rejoin if you wish by reposting to join or join another side. This continues till the map is full. At the end when map is full a final fanaly week to deside who reighns king a best of 3 back to back via a challenge on this page to any one on map taking all states they own or if they share a state there half. Once the week is over the player with most logos is crowened king
Of Tang Dynasty then another map restarts


Join by leaving post once teams are picked and slotes filled the game will begin

States on the table
Tabet and Longyu

//////=Team A.=\\\\
1.Centurion. Elite



//////=Team B=\\\\




Centurio joining team A my status is elite


Ayye can i join a team


nice game


Sure one man what team and skill set


Let’s join as a clan maybe.


Bejt you think beginer or moderate?


Not sure, pick what u think only elite slot on team A is unavailable took by me


You are a good player…Eric is a very good player. I could try to match up against him and you can be moderate. Or we can try to find someone else to be our elite so we have better chances.

@El-Duderino would you be willing to ally with ARF as our Elite in this game?


If he does then ill be beginner if not then moderate


Hey Noremac how’s it going homie


Why not? I’m on to join for this game


Awesome. Well then, it looks like team B will consist of El Dude as our Elite, me as the moderate, and One_Man_Army as the beginner.


So I will be beginner for Cent’s team


Lets kick some Sam’s asses :crazy_face:


Hell yeah​:joy::joy::joy:


@bob_the_shogun your no where close to begginer status your elite. Would you consider being the elite slot on on team B to make it even, i wanna keep the skill status even being the elites would distroy bigginers and @One_Man_Army would you consider switching to my team you can by my bigginer even though you might not be a bigginer you would fight @Noremac or @El-Duderino.
As soon as we decide the first fight will be the elites everyone may fight each other and not count towards this game for practice till the war beggins aka when slots are assighned and confirmed if the elites have not faced every battle between other slots are practice a screen shot will be to taken by the victor and posted here and the round moves to moderate you will see this as the score status of teams for example

1.elite team B. Bob the shogun. Winner

2.moderate team A. Gray rider Winner

3.Begginer. Pending…


Wait, One_Man is on my team -_- Draft your own players!


Yeah no disrespect but my loyalty with noremac