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3v3 Tang Dynasty


Yeah no disrespect but my loyalty with noremac


Not on enough to play along but kewL hopefully SW grows more I’ll be around


@bob_the_shogun do u wanna battle 1 battle that desides the elite on are team the loser takes moderate? @Grayrider64 will play begginer
@Noremac does your team know your slots @El-Duderino @One_Man_Army


I’d go on your team as beginner but my phone still doesn’t work


@El-Duderino as elite, Noremac as moderate, @One_Man_Army as beginner.


I don’t see that working. If you want to be active on the forum though Flick Needs someone to run his new game.


I would but my laptop is broken and can’t make the map flick made


States on the table
Tabet and Longyu

1.Centurion. Elite

  1. @bob_the_shogun .moderate

  2. @Grayrider64 .bigginer

//////=Team B=\\
1 @El-Duderino . Elite

2.@Noremac .Moderate

  1. @One_Man_Army Bigginer

The teams are set and we are ready for battle this day and next will be open to battle a a single battle to dicide the victor there maybe multiple battles faught as practice if players wish to practice but when both agree to be official the battle will count for it to begin elites battle first and after them moderate then bigginer in sequence there are 3 days till the deadline whoever gets the most wins the elite takes the lone state other 2 share a state


Lemme just remind ya’ll! Ya’ll couldn’t even get through the first stage of the tournament! Ya’ll should set more achieveble goals…ya’ll…be realistic!


Keep ur nagitivity 2 yourself. No one needs it


@El-Duderino when will you be able to battle im gonna be on at 8pm mst today if a time is more suitible time


Am I wrong!? Ya’ll?


Im sorry turned out being busier then i thought
Ill try to be on at 3 4 or 8 pm mst ill try to be on close to the start of those hours


@El-Duderino wanna battle 10pm mst today im busy currently but will be free at 10 ill set an alarm




@Noremac @One_Man_Army if @El-Duderino goes inactive for awhile is there anyone who wants to battle in his place against me if you guys do i will battle of a crutch of at max 3


its very hard to fight 1v2
especially if your ally is a unknown player sometime


Not a 1v2 its a 1v1


sorry if i think youre going all out against those 2


I’m on man usually around this time of day, let’s get it onnnnn