Join our server

3v3 Tang Dynasty


I want to be on your team


Crini the coward will never get a reply from me after this since you kept quiting battles i will never interact with u have a good 1 on forum oron the field


Hay cent I never found normac


Its all good man i expected that
But we will try agian


And his players are always on but don’t battle


Ya we just have to find active. Players not scared to lose


Hay cent wana make a new clan


Do you want to battle


Sure when???


Tomorrow around 9pm


9pm mst or what timezone


Hay cent would you like to start a mother clan with me if you don’t I’ll just keep R.M.G and can you give me Sicily since I challenged the Fate clan of Mutsu and they never answered or at least some of the island


Would you fight @One_Man_Army to be the deciding vote of who gets land @TheHorseLord




Can I join


Hay godlike your in my clan right then plz ad R.M.G infront of your name I had to change the name


Hay jake wana battle @One_Man_Army


When are you generally on and whats your time zone


Hay cent the last battle I had to go wana battle again@Eric_alexander_theg8


When ever I need to be on for a battle and eat