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3v3 Tang Dynasty




Ok just say that, please dont just agree to battle and not show up purposefully and there is no shame in a loss you can rejoin next round and attempt to take back some glory


Ok then when are we going to battle


Same time tommorow 6pm for @M.AGodlike
3pm for @TheHorseLord would that work i need both you agreements in order to show up


Sure should be able to make it


I wanted to battle for fun I don’t know if or where I am on the map


Same BTW is that 3 pm mountain time


Give me a time and we can battle I want to battle for fun


Are you ARF although this is seperate from territory advancement game


Yeah I am an ok you just said land so I assumed it was


I can battle now for fun if u want if you are in ARF your logo would be your clan logo any territory gained would be under that symbol


Want battle now


I’m at work now but I get off at 9 central time so


Would you pla @One_Man_Army your both of equal skill and will be a great match to choose the victor


So are on or what? Let’s get it onnnnn :notes::crazy_face:


I have like 1 hour to play


The Abbasids are here…