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A few realism tweaks

Dear Nikolo, I love samurai wars. It’s a good game. It would be a great game if you changed a few mechanics to be more realistic. Here is my proposal for some tweaks that could help with that:

Limited ammo (50?) and stamina, as others have mentioned.

Spear cav should be shock units which are not as badly outclassed by spear infantry as saber cav, and that do a lot of damage when they make impact, but very little as a melee continues, not cav with a slight defensive advantage.

Infantry, perhaps except ranged and especially polearm and spear infantry should be able to stop other units from going right through them.

Archers should have a better chance of hitting running horses. Maybe let them use direct fire when up close?

Horse archers should be able to shoot and run at the same time. I know they are already OP but limiting ammo and stamina will nerf them.

Thanks for reading this!

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I have another thing as well, it is to increase range of Matchlock Ashigaru (guns), how come archers have longer range than them, Matchlock Ashigaru should have longer range

Thanks, I’ve updated some of the items on simulation improvements here:

I think I set the range of matchlock vs archers based on playability more than realism. Properties such as range, speed, and effectiveness will be easy to change in a mod. My focus will be on getting the simulation model good enough so that it can support very realistic mods, but will leave to others to fine-tune for realism (or surrealism, if you’re into that).

Okay, I like this

I don’t really understand! If I make a mod or something and tweak and fine adjust unit properties, does my mod apply to my game only or do I have a lobby for the mod!? If I have my own lobby with my own unit properties how do players get in my mod? Why would they even? Its all a blur to me!

Another thing, after the last big update 1,5 year ago it was or something, maybe 2…the range units keep firing when in melé, it was not like that before! I haven’t brought it up, but it’s a bother!

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I also noticed this in many battles

Thanks for pointing out, it’s of course a bug, but I put a note about it on a feature with related things:

You would typically not have a lobby, but instead host the battle a stand-alone match and somehow share a link to it for others to join. All unit properties and sprites are automatically shared to all players joining the battle. And for more advanced mods, it is possible to have a dedicated lobby, and share a link for the lobby instead. I’ve actually just started working on adding a start screen that will present you with these mod, match, and lobby links. Some details on exacly how things work are still a bit blurry for me too :slight_smile: but I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later

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Oh, nice