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A List of Flaws I Think Samurai Wars Has

  1. Infinite stamina. Units never get tired, no matter how much they run or fight. Currently, there’s no point having units walk when they can just run.

  2. Infinite ammunition. Archers have infinite arrows and arquibusiers have infinite rounds. This, coupled with infinite stamina, means ranged units can endlessly harry and eventually destroy an army that has lost theirs.

  3. Enemy units can walk through eachother? This is pretty annoying, because it’s unrealistic and disruptive to gameplay.

  4. There’s only one available army size. I think there should be pickable categories for what size the armies will be, as some people would prefer to command a more compact army, and some would prefer a larger army. I personally find the current armies slightly too big.

  5. Drawing should be an option. If both sides are at a stalemate, I think there should be an option to avoid the long tactical back-and-forth that players may not have the time for. This way it wouldn’t become just a test of who can stay on longer.

Good feedback!

Points 1-3 will require improvements to the simulation engine and is on the road map for the future.

Points 4-5 can be solved with scripted custom scenarios, which is something I’m working on right now as part of the modding support.


Thanks, I hope I didn’t sound too critical because it’s already a great game