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A new tactic spreading wildfire

While I was playing Samurai wars as usual I noticed that there is so many players using one particular tactic, all the time. It’s simply that they send one or two units of cavalry to flank around you. And I saw so many people use it for some reason🤔. And it’s spreading like wildfire. Has any of you noticed this??

It’s an ancient tactic! What I have noticed recently though is you cowardly avoiding serious action and skilled players!

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Oh, really, I thought is kind of new, I face so many people use this tactic I am becoming bored of it

Yeah, people simply leave without a fight. I remember at one of my battles my opponent charged my defensive formation, I destroyed like one unit of spear men (Yari Ashigaru) and he simply left :sweat_smile:

Stick to the topic, you are cowardly avoiding battles …matter of fact I will send you an invite now, 100% you will decline!

What do you mean!? I didn’t fight you before any way

Meh, whatever

…and sure enough…coward did not exept the challenge…even went offline lol! These clan-ppl smh

You didn’t even send anything, for example, and you didn’t find me any where, stop blaming me on everything :unamused::angry:

5 invites I sent…rapidly declined they were! One would expect member of a clan to be ready to defend it’s honor! But nei…

I didn’t know you are in the same game, sure

Ok I take it back Toyotomi accepted a challenge and fought valiantly! My appologies to the clan…

Thank you, sorry, I didn’t know that was you

I am not really used to these concentrated attacks