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Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)

Cross us and know that you are doomed.

This clan is a subdivision of the Mercenary Army. To join you must be willing to learn and practice. Those who refine their skills and wish to advance will be given a chance to join the main army.

As we are the recon force the grand strategy I will be pursuing is splitting the army to weaken the enemy before the main battle. Cavalry units will play an important role.

I will try to host frequent clan battles, custom maps, and training session. Little to no experience is necessary, only a willingness to learn. Discord is highly recommended.

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Hi mate think I’m good enough to join?

Definitely, dude. You proved yourself yesterday. Welcome to the clan!

Your first mission will be to challenge one of the players listed in this thread.

You don’t need to win, but if you do all the better. Examine their strategy and learn from it. Post an outcome of the battle here. You can use discord or in game messaging to set up the bout.


Okie dokie when is this mission due in hella busy this weekend. I’m off Monday so if I can do it then that’d be great

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Take as long as you want. There is no due date. You may get be able to catch one of them in Discord now.

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Hey got the discord app and I got s new achievement called “new player of the month” I think that was cool

Dude got int the valley and I slaughtered him lmao

He quit the match when he knew he was dead

Haha, gj. Be they won’t do that again.

Um I think my practice lagged out

Haha. I have heard of that bug but I have yet to encounter it.

What happened was he came after my horse archers with two of his cav and I separated them from the main army and killed them and he advanced his archers too far away from his melee units and I killed them with my horses and he advanced his melee up finally and well yea that was game

You bring much honor fighting under such conditions. Separating the enemy’s army is great tactic. Usually, it will only work against newer players.

I some times use a strategy where I separate my samurai and cavalry. The cav cause chaos and the samurai take out the strangers. I tried this on @nox and he just rushed my samurai with his whole army and took them out. I also had this strategy fail to an organized Archer wall.


Rip. Go check discord that battle just happened

And thanks I try to bring honor to the clan

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@H20delrious1 is invited to join the 1st ARF.

OK I wi join

I will i mean there Is a bug in typeing

Then your first mission is to battle someone in the Wanted thread. You do not have to win, only learn from the battle. Post the result here. There is no time limit.

You can schedule a battle using discord.