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Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)

Cents not on any more wana do a role play like it though

Im on just not as much ima update soon

Take 3 generals off of nqpoleon and 2 off duderino

Hi noremac I’m back bro sorry for leaving the game but therevwas a problem in my phone so

Man this clan is worse off then dead normac is never on not even flick is on

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Can i join noremac

Yo I don’t even know how to join lol

you all have to battle @Noremac before you can join

King this clan is dead normacs never even on

He is never even on

i know
but he is on every once in while

btw who is on a higher position the horse lord or the king of cavalry?

does the horse lord need to take permission from the king of cavalry before he does something or else he will lose his title lord of the horses or does the king need to get his cavalry from the lord of the horses?

How do i join a clan

You can ask normac to join this clan or go to Royal mercenary Guard and ask to join there the only clans around

Flick would you mind updating the bank???

dont know how if you will train me ill do it

General Flick,
It has been an honor serving with you in the Advanced Recon Force. You were what kept this coan from becoming a one man army and without your support this would have disband long ago.

Yet all things must come to an end. I will be stepping down as clan leader and shutting the doors. The Mercenary Army was the first great clan and we it’s vestige. However, neither under my leadership nore Thruzan’s did the clan truly flurish into what it could have been. For these reasons I am stepping down and letting a new age take the reigns. Should you wish to continue the legacy of the Mercenary Army or ARF I bequeth the name to you.

Moving forwards I shall be putting more effort into the bank. Soon, I hope to get it automated with a Python script so that it will be easier for other players to get involved with the management and trading. Let me know if you would like to join me in this endeavor.

Fight on warrior,


im really inactive nowadays so yeah

Activate your ass!

im still around
i am kind of busy but i still like popping in once every few weeks