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Advanced Recon Force (Disbanded)


I will


How to now they online


Click the discord link to get to the Samurai Wars chat room. You can see who is online there. Thruzan is usually around.


@Kgboy02 is invited to join the 1st ARF.


How do I join


Nvrm I got it


You just need to say yes or no.


Yes please then


Welcome :slight_smile: Your first mission is to battle a player listed in the Wanted thread. There is not time limit. Discord is a good way to find a match.


@Welder, @H20delrious1, and @Kgboy02 post a picture of your battle with a Wanted player here in order to complete the mission. Try to include your formation and the enemies. If you are able to defeat one you will be promoted to Lieutenant.


Can I join


First, we will have to battle so that I can test your skill.


@Brando02 is invited to join the 1st ARF.


What are clans even for


How to post pic on phone


Take a screen shot then click on upload. It is easier to do on the website.


Clans are a place for players in the community to come together. In my clan I hope to train better players, initiate roleplaying opportunities, and create more diverse playing options.


hey nor wanna battle


@Noremac omg ha look at this guy he starts to insult me then he has KOforc and i beat him he is trash like hahah


Gj. Figure out how to post screenshots and you will bring us much honor.