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A game ment for for the long run. I will post a small discription of a battle scenerio on custom or regular battles.I will ask for any joiner’s you can respond by leaving an @Centurion1 I will play . We will do the scenerio then if we succeed then you will get a mark that will always be permanent on this page. You can look back at this map if your new and remember the progress or if your elite you can mark a victory we had. This is a no pressure game anytime you wanna play just leave a scenario to play if I’m available we will do it or play one of mine with me. Make your impact in are SW world let’s play.

There is loot beyond your imagination along these paths join me in my plunder and let’s be rich. There are 3 main armies along the river so 3back to back battles we will fight.

@Centurion1 I will play

@Grayrider64 has won 2 of the 3 battles of this campaign a great for indeed. so I hold 1territory in the padus river.

@Grayrider64 reward is 200points
I have a 100points.
Each win is worth a hundred points. I don’t know what to do with this right now but may be of use in future.

Someone join me to get my baggage train from Augusta to my men in Italia were supplies are running thin. Numidian mercenaries are plundering in the area and we’re in danger. This is a battle of 3days we will have 3 different battles 1each day. The goal is for all baggage trains to arrive threw victories every loss the numidians will get a baggage train.

word has come The mercenaries have stopped a baggage train

It turns out they were working for the general @Grayrider64 we await word from the other two
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Another message arrives the second baggage has been looted and most of the men dead.

Current things happening

Looking for allies to fight

Objective-gain control of the sea trade here.

Army- 10 units of infantry half are elite other are levied units + 2 other ally units.

Enemies-are unknown but I hear their tuff infantry and their archers may be special.

Reward- gain infantry experience if you really pay attention real tactics. You will get your profile logo on conquerd map area and game points for are territory war game.

reason• I will post All my losses in custom mode here this will move this army from the far east inland twords me.

Threat• the more losses I suffer the more this army grows(100gold) and conquers. Fighting this army will be tough they will consist of many calv and horse archers.

Gain- beating this army you will win the gold they accumulated. And their land will fall under your rule.

the last baggage made it though a heavy hit was taken here.

In come the supplies and food the army needed.

A loss the mongal empire grows stronger.

An ugly loss.

The world of war now has shifted a little.
@Grayrider64 we are using an avatar system now.

each one will get you the object which they say on their discription.

The world full view

Another loss sufferd. I think it was crini he was good.