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All About Commanders

Hello Guys
im curious about Commanders in the game…
are they affected the morale of all tropps when they been routed in battle…
and can you apply effect on commanders when they’ve been routed
pls reply anyone thanks…

Both the commander and cavalry give a moral boost to other troops. You might have noticed that if the general or cavalry get routed other near by troops will route to, even if that have take no damage.

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mr noremac
is a commander are stong units than other units

From my experience the commander is stronger then the cavalry, but weaker then most other troops. Being cavalry the commander has low defense.

Check out this thread for some more info on the units:

This part of the help page is very useful:

well thanks for advice mr noremac
i appreciated it

When any units are routing the spear and gun range units are mostly affected, other units are also prone to routing when a mass rout is coming there way. You will notice your routing units tend to try to rout towards you so if a mass rout happends move your units to the side to avoid your units from seeing your other units route. If your compact and its only a few units routing your way you may be able to huddle around routing units and restore moral sometimes this will work if there blinking. The most important thing i can recommend is to charge halt range at proper distance and protect your range use constant moving units to gain leverage mentally a lote of movement creats confusion and a group of units constantly firing.

thanks too sir eric

Learning turrain to attack and gain projectile leverage. Learning how to keep a constant berage of attack on the enemy keeping him off ballence. Charging will work on both these tactics you may lose alot but once you find a rytham you will crush enemies. Practice tactical retreat or a faint retreat pull all your men away at 1 time in a certain direction the direction of the least amount of enemy troops hault a range if your able to fire as your units faint retreat try to use decoy retreats such as leading enemy away from main engagement if you notice many enemy units chasing 1 unit and useing your main bulk to kill the other outnumberd enemy units