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Any good defensive strategies?


Heya heya Samurai Wars community, I’ve been experimenting with defensive strategies and would like to see what different ideas and strategies you guys and offer, I need some tips on those. Thanks!


Find the spots on the map you are vulnerable to being attacked from and hold it with your cavalry or a small group. If using a small group don’t get too far separated.


You never want a small part of your army to be attacked by a larger portion of the opponents.


Defence is the easy part, find a got spot with cover of trees where your range is full and camp…stay mobile hit…run…retreat…lure…turn…
attacking a defender is what you should concentrate progressing in! Thats the difficult part!


Too much defence will make for long boring games and make other players hate playing you so its best to practice both do 1 defencive game and 1 offence game to keep an all around skill and not be labeled a coward or a camper


This is a very good strategy to use. I have seen Eric_alexandr enploy this to great effect with two armies. The smaller one lures you in, but never engages, the second one tries to flank you. Mobility is probably the best defense because it can lead to a strong offence.


I enjoy a sickle formation, similar to the one that the Union army used in the Battle of Gettysburg, and just let the enemy come to you but keep your more open flank covered with cavalry and all your matchlocks and archers at the front. If they want to go around, and if you’ve done the formation tight enough, you can turn your archers so no matter where the enemy decides to put pressure on your forces, you can easily reassemble your troops to focus on that area, and the fact that you will be able to stop them from surrounding you and have ranged support from every makes it even better. And if the enemy tries to get inside of the sickle, where (i hope) you position your general, he can have an easy escape and you can close your army in on the enemy. I have yet to have a game where this formation fails me when I’m playing defensive.