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Anyone Wish we could have More stuff if there's a new update?

Don’t get me Wrong the Games great…
But The Maps Are starting to get Boring if you understand, I mean theres only like 9+ Maps that Almost Look the same and it just gets Boring to play them. Like Imagine if we had a Night Time Map where Soldiers have to Fight in the dark or In a City surrounded by Walls yours and ths Enemy’s Soldiers could Attack or Protect even mount? And Having It where we can Put down Camps to Add to the realism and a All Forest Map with a Dirt path as a main road?
Just Some Ideas I had so if anyone wanna Speak their Opinion about this they can

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I normally suck at planning, and given the current events, things are going slower than normal. But I am still following the road map, which has many items that will introduce more variety.

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Giving the current events things should speed up! :slight_smile:

KingdomofHell, You’re useless you don’t even play samurai wars. These games are flawed. Meanwhile, there’s cases of cheaters waiting for their archer meters to hit their limit just to dodge camp with one archer unit for hours.

stfu…I chased you from the first second one time…you try run as much as you can just to troll…but cant even handle that! You never ever take the battle to your opponent or the middle of the map, at best you camp hope your opponents patience will end…just…stfu…Cant stand the heat…Leave the fucking kitchen

I do take the battles to my opponents but out of everyone I know, whenever I do attack you always withdraw and do the archer dodge cheating trick.

Deal with that shit…your army is stupid and outsmarted

Nnah, but seriously, there is no dedication…nobody is dedicated enough to learn full comtroll of tye game, its a shame! At best they become mediocre like millitary officer here and start the salty complaining! Become one with your army!

Honestly I do play, I just stay on Offline Mode because I don’t do PVP, I do sometimes but not alot since people get whiny about the game.