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Apology pls exept


Sorry guys! As one player put it…I am abusive when I lose! I’ll try to be more of a good sport from now on…Happy new year everybody! I’ll be more offencive as well!


seems like your trying hard :joy::joy:


which one ???
is it by any chance one of these guys???


Well before that I was a true camper!


None of those guys as they are pretty damn abusive aswell!


That player had some kind of deeper understanding of psychology…the kind nether Centurion or Almighty posess! Or you my friend for that matter!


I abuse the abusers lol i bully the bullies


You abuse when you start losing


Thats usually when u start talkin sh** there for starting ur so called abuse​:cry::smile::joy:


ok you guys continue fighting as usual…:joy::joy:


Its war my friend fighting is what we do


All us war nerds can get a little psychotic at times. Our community has gotten pretty toxic in the past. I am proud, however, that we fight on. The game may be full of bugs, the players abusive, and the forums hard to post on, but we are still here playing and creating original content on the forum. Seriously, it has been a very fun journey.

It takes courage to apologize and pursue a different strategy. We don’t require your apology in war though! Fight on and don’t forget what you have learned about camping.


Camping for the win