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Artillery Units are OP


Am I the only guy here who find arty units OP? I mean each shots are powerful and it’s extremely accurate at the same time. It’s unfair to have a unit like this with an only disadvantage of being cumbersome in movement


Considering that it only counters other ranged units, artillery itself is quite weak as it cannot hit infantry if they’re running, I would rank matchlocks higher than them


Early game arty is OP considering you still need to assemble your battle lines before battle. It can harass your units so you gotta rush at the start. Also I agree that flintlock rifle is good. But not ideal on an uphill battle or fighting in a ruggy terrain for it blocks the range of the units. The only strategy to counter it is a run n gun strategy which is good idea but hard to micro.


I get the point, however I’d save other units instead of this one, once the formation is setup and the arty gets rushed, it can’t run, it can’t even hit the incoming enemy

Also side note:
What if the 2 artilleries just kill eachother at round start?:thinking:


By the way, check out the thread here:


The problem is that it’s too powerful and too accurate, if It was significantly nerfed In the accuracy section and had significantly less range then it’d be a perfectly good unit


It should have more range than archers. And along as your running it won’t hit I think it’s more of a preference really because if you nerf it too much then it becomes pointless. However I think the best solution is to make it NOT FIRE INDEFINITELY and the problem would cease like say it could only fire 30 times that would fix the problem same with archers the only reason its OP is bc if you lose yours you have to attack and that sometimes isn’t a good choice so if it only fired 30 times it would do some damage without killing and entire army


All these people with nice avatars, manga, scifi, fantasy, gothic shit, showing such concern for the game on the forum, and then in the lobby there is not a single avatar, unbelievable…


They probably do play, just not signed in or while your playing


The game won’t work for me


Well I’m playing come to the lobby