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[B_P] Blood Pigs Clan is HERE

Blood Pigs Clan - Est. 2001

TheNox, Cassidy, Kross, Agent69, Duma, V@sh, Z26, rmayer, KingCobra, HOLLYWOOD and Lunchbox.


[B_P] Apache

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What’s this?


I beated Apache and then he scold me.

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Can I join

Sure why not. Welcome to Blood Pigs. Now go get that shit blasted across your stomach… Cus it’s B_P for life



lol You sure do ask a lot of questions

What a joke

Lmao bro I’ve beat you every match we’ve played… Go home, you’re drunk

U can’t be serious. What is your name in the game?

I’m recruiting men. Perhaps we can fight together.

You pigs are disgusting

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