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Basic improvement

-no clear instructions
-no background music
-no control options

-the basic controls is clunky easy to mess up formation
-walk and run/hold and fire are useless remove that
-make a troops type option button instead(when click on have control of that type of troop and view set to that troop)
-to make the troops moving and turning direction easy make a rotatable troop formation icon like this from “firefight” from appstore:

the icon only appears when you select that unit.

visual and gameplay:
-just lock camera in one direction, no need full rotation. but still can zoom in-out, move up-down-left-right
-unit type icon cover all the troops(make it smaller and to a side, when select that unit icon disappear, a rotatable fomartion icon appear as i mention)
-since the troops are very japanese art style why not make the map 2d art like less laggy more competitive(learn from autumn dynasty)
-more zoom in to the unit to feel the combat
-make unit have color red and blue, also add tiny gun(smaller line like pikeman) and cannon for artillery

-pikeman overpower in close combat with any kind of other units
-archer,gunner are long range harassment which make them overpower when they can hit and run. decrease movement speed, fire rate slightly,longer for firearm. unmovable while realoading(after they fire the reload icon cooldown and you already set the rally point)
-horse archer and mounted gunner movement speed same but less health point(lowest in the game with small unit).

Majority of your complaints are invalid, like saying that walk run and fire are useless even though they’re the deciding factor in every battle, you say pikemen are overpowered despite the fact they have the lowest morale out of every other unit in the game, you say archers can only be used for harassment tactics which isn’t true since volley fire is a more effective tactic especially on defense, also multiple of the things you say are either already in the game or was taken out

when do you use hold and fire?
giving ability to walk or run just make the game more clunky and unnecessary, give me a reason its good to walk and run?
pikeman you have to walk all the way behind them to able to win is that not OP then what is this?
im saying range unit are OP because they are good also at defend and offense. when you try to charge them they fall back to cover quickly. defend is more easy stand behind close range unit. give me more invalid complaint, its not a complaint its a improvement i think they should make. i have played other game with better controls

This is our parallel universe, you can be a part, but stop bitching like a little bitch!

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im not bitching anything. i mean this game has been around for so long developer not even bother making a proper lobby menu? it have so much potential, but little change made. last update is another bug fix like 1w ago. i love this kind of game, this game properly inspire by “shogun total war 1”.

Your point on the archers is perfect!!!

Did the background music just silently go?

I havent heard any music in a long time actually! I have to also aggree on tthe potential talk! Right to the developer! But I like run, button, since we are waiting on fatique…and u could use it fot baiting opponents now at least! You would be surprised how confusing it can be fog some when u go ”walk” for five minutes and get them laxed just to switch it up later!

that why we need an options menu for personal preference on control and other stuff

Maybe you can transfer a …few hundred thousand swiss franks to the developer, so he can quit his dayjob and fully focus on your needs, for a year or so at least!


what are you mocking me about? if he would have done that 8 year ago he won’t even need a day job. why are you defending him? if you like the game the way it is now then fine, keep it that way!