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Better Game for ALL


It would be better if there was castles or structures where the units can attack and defend in and seige weapons like catapults and cannons and give the units specific formation besides rectangle all the time

                   Please consider


Us that would be cool but Japanese didn’t have catapults but that would be a good idea @nikodil


horse lord was right
but catapults are outdated and cannons are being used at the end of warring states
so you can’t expect it will have no catapults

//i hope this game will add cannons and castles this time\




Japan had mangonels if this is after Muromachi period I think.


Would you guys like to come on to the map as conquers from japan, explorers if you will this would be made up of course but we are making samurai wars history be part of it threw the forum Map games even if you become inactive you and others in the future can see the remnants of your clan and territory you gained in the old maps. Its as simple as taking screenshots of battles faught and posting them giving purpose to your battles and using the victories to make advancements and stretch your Japanese Empire


Have noremac been on recently?


Idk but he process the warrior @Noremac warrior bank consistently if you post there he will eventually process if he is busy