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Blobbing, stacking, experts


Recently there have bern new experts in the field of formation, especially expressing oppinions on stacking, some would call it blobbing in a more clasdical manner, I would prefer the latter, but it doesn’t really matter!

To those ”experts” I would like to point out the difference between blobbing and a tight formation, since they have no bloody idea what they are talking about:


One such expert even went as far as to comment that because of me stacking the game crashed! I am only assuming that talk (circulating alot lately in the forum actually) comes from the frustration of not being able to deal with the simple obstacle that is blobbing enemy! My Gosh, I know, I have been there…

”Written on these pages is the ageless
Wisdom of the sages, ignorance is contagious”

                                                  Brother Jeru


I don’t really get bothered about stacking anymore, strategy is strategy. but i would say that the game did probably crash,not because of you stacking but because of the amount of units moving at the same time because. I’ve have it happen multiple times in sandbox mode. You dig?


Oh was it you, really!? Ooh yeeess, it was you! Well regardless of how you feel now, your original comment was about the game crashing because of stacking! But good that you cleared out your misunderstanding! Appreciate it when a human being of high morals and values comes forward to correct herself!


Anybody else want to comment the theory of game crashing because all the troops are moving at the same time :grin:!? Nicodil? Anyone??


No it wasn’t me because the game never crashed when we played


Anyway as I might have implied earlier my memory is weak when it comes to such instances! Maybe it was you, maybe not, maybe you did not make the remark, somebody did!


Was not me, if your memory is so bad maybe you shouldn’t jump to conclusions so fast.


They gotta do what they can to win


Maybe…I shouldn’t! But at times I do…