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Blood Lotus Clan


Hello, I am Arti, the Daimyō of the Blood Lotus Clan. I’m here to advertise it to all you lovely people, but first, let’s go over a few things.

First of all, this clan requires actual strategy, not just playing cat & mouse, or if you’re going to sling your whole army at someone, at least do it with a strategy before you do so. By this, I mean if you’re going to fling your whole army at someone, don’t target the same unit, target different ones or surround them before you do so. This is more understandable and is a bit more strategic.

Now that we have gotten through some of the basics, let’s go on to how to join:
First, you must join our Discord Server. This also requires you to have a registered account on the Samurai Wars forums, we will not accept unregistered players. Once you’re in the server, put “❁” in front of your username for Samurai Wars. This is to show your allegiance to this clan. Once this is completed, post a screenshot with proof in the Discord’s #verifications chat. Once this is completed, you will officially be in the clan once a moderator of the clan sees it.

We offer a total of five roles to those who choose to join us. More information on the roles are in the Discord. The roles go as following in order from highest to lowest, and the users in the roles.

Shogun - Plastic
Daimyō - Artidox, [Open Slot]
Samurai - [Open Slot(s)]
Ronin - [Open Slot(s)]
Affiliate - This role is given to anyone in the Discord who is not in the clan.


If you need any further assistance, please message the Daimyō or Shogun of the Clan via Discord. Our Users are Artidox#0001 (Daimyō) and plastik#4398 (Shogun).


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Would you be in nead of mercenaries or an allyance

not sure yet.

Can i be the affiliate well whts the meaning of affiliate

affiliates are users who join the discord but don’t join the clan itself. they will tend to be allies or lurkers.

So i can be affiliate

if you join the discord, yes

Yes im in discord

Arti would you like to make an alyance with The Mercenary Army I am the leader of the new clan

@Haiderkhan join the Blood Lotus discord to be an affiliate, then.

@TheHorseLord I would like to, but i don’t entirely know about plastic. join our discord or try adding him to see what he says.

Ok so send the link of ur discord server

Discord Link

Why does a clan have a shogun?

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a hereditary commander-in-chief in feudal Japan. Because of the military power concentrated in his hands and the consequent weakness of the nominal head of state (the mikado or emperor), the shogun was generally the real ruler of the country until feudalism was abolished in 1867.

But the shogun doesn’t control clans it controls the entirety of japan he can call on clans to fight for him but doesn’t control them. Plus this game is about sengoku so the shogun doesn’t have power.

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if you want to correct me on historical accuracy, you should surely no the difference between Shogunate and Imperial clans. The Chosikabe Tosa was Imperial. Clans could choose to be ruled by Shogun or the Emperor, hence the reason of the Battle of Shiroyama. It also doesn’t matter what time that game takes place as it is not historically accurate at all as if it is before the Sengoku Jodai it should not have guns, and given it has guns, we know that Japan was split between the Emperor and Shogun. Your point?

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This is the first time I have wondered if the term “clan” has historical or thematic value. To me.itwas always just a term synonymous with alliance or faction.

same to me but if its going to be used historically, I’ll use history. I dont think 90% of clans here are historically accurate.

Well the guns are actually matchlocks and they did have them because the Portuguese introduced them around the 1540

The choskabe clan died at the battle of Osaka in 1615. And had nothing to do with the satsuma rebellion after chiskabe clan died the Yamauchi clan took over.