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If you want to bitch and complain about historical accuracy, go and take a look at some of the other clans. I can assure you that this game does NOT give a flying fuck about historical accuracy. It’s less historically accurate than Braveheart, and this says something. Don’t get angry at the fact that Plastic and I completely annihilated you in two different battles and come to complain here about historical accuracy, and again, with your logic of this game being during the Sengoku Jodai, then soon enough we should be having that 200 year peace that was before when America came to Japan, and we should also be seeing foreign people in the game.


the ARF is a historically accurate clan that was founded about 5000 years ago and has controlled much of the world for centuries
and will continue to expand and one day will control the rest of the world as well
our esteemed leader general @Noremac has taken over the clan in a difficult time as our influence was dropping at an alarming rate, he came, he fought bravely risking his life for the sake of the ARF and now its his chance to lead it to victory
i am here at his service


The shogun thing just bothered me jeez I didn’t wanna start a complaint storm and before “stating facts” about my clan please research first the inaccuracy also bothered me no offense.

But I guess you didn’t really care.


All this desire for world controll and domination, power over others! Sad! But not discouraiging, we shall keep rebelling and fighting The Power to gain our freedom!


hmmm i think i should recruit @GeneralNapoleon you seem to fear him


ARF a theat?




Where exactly did you see fear!?


in your eyes :eyes::eye:


Fear is a feeling you are too well aquainted with, since you spend all your time on the forum and not on the battlefield! One look into my eyes would turn you into stone…we know no fear!


He can see my eyes.:hushed::hushed::hushed:


@chikacrni you seem to be one track minded you arent looking into any other topics i somehow cant play


not exactly since i dont really know you but @chikacrni is a known coward and thats why i can see it in his eyes


who is “OUR”???


Strange how you have the stomach to speak about cowardice and at the same time you are hiding writing crap and can never be seen in a battlefield! And to Noremac>>>nice clanmembers there pal…real solid!




you know what try using chrome and let me know if it works id be happy to fight you if it does


hmmm as long as you are writing some may not realize your cowardness but once you will start talking and youll have to look in their eyes your doomed


That you consider my clan a power worthy of a pronoun shows your trepidation. While seeking freedom you fail to notice the chains that you put on yourself. We do not fight for power over others but for power over ourselves. That we should work as a team to hone our strategy has always been our goal.

The satisfaction that we get from building something as a community fills us with self worth. It is for these feelings that my clan has come together. We are tied by the fact that we continue to fight not by what or who we fight.

There is no evil power out there. Sometimes we say mean things or revel in the spirit of competition. In the end all we seek is something larger to be a part of. I am proud of every member of my clan, active or not, for pursuing that dream.


Trepidation…??? Man your whole group thing there has lost it…