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How can we lose what we constantly pursue?


I dont what you’re pursuing, but ya’ll lost your damn mind…go pursue that!


And chromeboy…get your shit together and put your money where your mouth is! Im waiting…


woa usually these words come from scared and helpless men dying on the battlefield
or knowing they are about to…


What are you lowly people bickering about?


I fight for money ma boy


I’m just getting tired of people running to historical accuracy in games that have 0 relevancy to history aside from claims of what the game is based on.


Also if you want to see historical inaccuracy that can bug anyone, i highly advise you to watch Braveheart. it causes anyone who likes history to be driven up the fucking wall, not kidding


Well you wouldnt know since you dont know what a battlefield looks like!


I know bravehart is like way the hell inaccurate but it’s still a good movie to watch but Alexander the movie is just like plootark and forgot how to spell it


any Mel Gibson movie is extremely historically inaccurate.


First your sissy clanboy goes on an insult rant calling me this and that, then he’s too scared to even play a game babbling some bullshit about chrome or what not, then the other clanboy…just as he’s about to lose a game he comes up with some bull like “my mom calls I got to go!”! Real nice Noremac…classy clan…yea u should change the name to TCC (the classy clan)! Keep pursuing my friend!


I can’t tell how serious you are so I’ll just give it too you straight. We are gaming here.

Here is the bit of antics that my subordinate started with. The conversation after seemed to be light hearted rivalry banter. But now that you are attacking me and the rest of the clan I was nder if you are actually offended?

After that your comments get more negative. I can deal with you calling me a sissy since I have characterized you as my rival. I just hope you are still having fun.

If you have to resort to ad homenin attacks on a forum you might want to rethink your involvement. If you are enjoying your self then all the power too you. From my perspective Arti and You are the only ones who consistently have a negative voice in your posts. Sorry if this is hard for you, kids. Get better at writing so you can tell me how you feel about it.


From a person who finds every excuse possible to not step on the battlefield! I mean wtf…


That was my answer to this:

And then he basicly called me a “well known coward”! And I am being negative??? Seems you are missing something here…


I’m sorry that you are called a coward and I don’t agree with that statement. I apologise that my clan has offended you, but this is war soldier. You are not afraid to dish out some criticism so don’t get offended by what others say about you. Your reputation is based off of what you sow after all.

Life is not always easy or kind. The internet can be even more brutal. This forum is a rather toxic place if you haven’t noticed. I have done nothing to change that because this is a war game and I welcome the challenge that controversy causes. You can find your own way to survive in this environment or seek to change it. I’d be willing to help you either way.


Now that you have made clear to me the toxicity and harshness of our cruel world, which by the way is no news to me! Let me give you the friendly advice as to the formidable general you are in the battlefield! Pick your soldiers with more care and dont allow your clan to turn into a trashbin! That was merely my initial thought of adressing you in the first place!


why is this stuff even happening here?


hmm it seems like you are missing this part

i probably just called you coward right?

all i said was that since you are “going to continue to fight for your freedom” i will recruit the general you fear
and thats where i called you coward right?
the words “you seem to fear him”=“you are a coward”?


Except for the Passion