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that was later on


Uh what is happening?




Its gaming…but that, coming from a player who clearly avoids even coming close to challenging himself on the battlefield, I couldnt help becoming a bit annoyed! But I think you perfectly understand what I mean general Noremac…I’m letting it go now with a big sigh…




Utter chaos is happening.


I’m happy it’s not in my forum


Idk why, but there always seem to be two people in this game that just despise one another.


Have u ever been in a heated situation like this??? Uvoxyuwin


It’s true, I see these kind of rivalries left and right (no pun intended)


Its hardly a rivalry! There have been some heated rivalries…but this…aint no rivalry going on here! Are we rivals Flick???lol


No, not really


It can make battles fun if you dont take the dispute seriously. Its best if the person your in a dispute with is of equal skill lol


If you say so


Lol :ok_hand:


I like how heated the arguments get here. Everyone is in character as a warrior enough that it’s hard to tell how seriously we are taking ourselves.


Lol its all serious but at the same time not i really dont take trash talk from someone i dont know seriously but i take it serious enough to try to beat the person im in dispute with bad or at least try to distroy them the best i can


Ive never had the pleasure of seeing u battle have you battled anyone latly. Im curious to see a battle of yours


Yea do you actually do battle!?