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Bounty For Blasphemer Centurion


There is a bounty on centurions head. The bounty has been made by Emporer of SOF By His majesty Lord Wellborn You will have celebratory Rank I will update this for more information :information_source:️.Kindly HailTheSlayer thank you.


I’ll take any challenges issued here I’ll distroy any of you and throw the heads of the fallen fools that dare challenge the :crown:here


The uncrowned king speaks the coward speaks!


Come to the battlefield and we will see who the coward is and ill have your slaughtered army on there knees held up by stakes and there heads at my feet and you will see i reighn king


Damn cent I thought you were immune to narcissism and ego but I guess not


Translate this in Malay Pengecut punya babi


I’ve defeated him twice


Hey asskicker


Don’t kick my Ass I have diabetes … jk jk that was disgusting I know


Lol funny shit dont worry ill give u some insulin b4 i end u


Everyone has beat me atleast twice dont feel special but thats all they get how many times have i beat u @WaitinNBatin4U69 countless if u can beat me consistently i will call u an equel till then ur just another average playerin my relm


Your a King without a clan lol that’s sad my friend and I will meat you right now if you like


You think to highly of me but its all fun and games though my words seem serious its a game


Let’s battle


Let’s battle I have waited for 5 minutes already


You insult me by not showing up

it’s been 8 minutes


That’s what I said Coward Son of a Bitch


Lol i was at work im here now able to play



Here lies the men that tested there steel looking for the bounty and failed


As we have noted before you dont know much about narcissism and ego so naturally you would be wrong! But you sure like to use those complicated words…