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Boxing Talk for everyone


For whoever likes boxing


Does it have to be modern boxing


Whatever boxing you want to talk about




Sweden represent


That’s dope…i wish I was alive back in Ali’s day


Damn right


I wanna see you what all the hype was about :cold_face: Idc what others say I’ve seen mayweather lose a match! I’ve seen a couple on YouTube that clearly he lost and everyone knew too but still they gave it to him…but I’ve seen his ass lose live…boxing is one of the most rigged and scetchy sports out there but damn good entertainment




The Ali vs fraizer is the best trilogy of all boxing history


How many trilogies have you seen? Name the top five!


Who is your favorite boxer no mas


Terrence “Bud” Crawford right now! But there are a few up there! Lomachenko maybe even more, concidering what he has accomplished in only 13 fights, and the two olympic golds of course!




Ya Loma is my favorite also Alexander Uzik probs reked the name lol


Mine is khabib


Khabib is a mma fighter not a boxer


Oh excuse me


Haha what about gotti va ward?! Two of the greatest boxers ever to clash two real fighters like the old days when you fought for your place on top instead of promoting and running in the ring


Gotti and Ward, although they have one of the greatest wars between then are really not even close to being two of the greatest fighters!