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Bug that makes 1000s of enemy troops spawn and run


I encountered a bug that made enemy troops spawn constantly and run I got close to upto 8000 kills I think or more maybe just wanted to know if anyone else encountered this bug in the practice war? it makes them continuously spawn and instantly run and then after about 30 seconds the game crashes I thought it was cool at first before the game crashed

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Yes that happened to me a long long long time ago.


Thanks for the feedback bro just wanted to know if I was the only one or not looks like I ain’t thanks man


Hey, I have also experienced a glitch where in practice mode soliders just began to spawn without stop. I was on the beta version.



(Nice pic! Moved your posts to this topic.)


I got this too, my kills got to about 20k before I got bored. Please fix!


I have had this Problem On Multiplayer


Hey guys,
I’ve had the same problem many times on Practice mode. It mostly happens whenever I kill all the spear/phalanx units and they flee… Then when the archers spawn, they flee as well.

This bug is on Android and IOS



My game was glitching so bad that whenever the enemy spawned(in practice mode) they would immediately flee


I made 1,243,438 kills. I just demoralized the archers, as they ran other units spawned. Next thing you know many are spawning and running lol. My game started lagging. Weird…


Agreed. That happens to me too. I reach the kill count of 800 and the glitch starts.
Also in the phone, if I flip the screen horizontaly the screen blacks out.




Great to hear. But, I have a bug to report. look at this.

in practice mode. they continually spawned in and immediately routed.

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Wow, that’s an awesome number of units! it’s an old bug, I haven’t fixed it yet because it’s not as urgent some other issues, and it’s imho kind of funny :slight_smile:


yeh IKR?


oh yes happened 2 me 2. Soz for making that forum post. Does anyone know a fix? Of course, not complaining about the kills.