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Build 170718.1852 has been released


Build 170718.1852 is now available on App Store (as version 32) and Google Play

Changes in this release:

  • There is now a command bar at the bottom of the screen for issuing halt, walk, run commands for selected units as well as hold and fire commands for missile units.
  • The map editor tools has also moved to the command bar, and there is now support for undo/redo. And tapping other user interface buttons no longer modifies the map underneath.
  • Double tap a unit to activate multi-unit selections. You can then select additional units to move/command them all at once.
  • I’ve also made some performance improvements, and the game should now run in 60 fps on most modern devices.


how do I access the beta on mac? <3 I got a iOS invite for TestFlight von my mail, but thats it


On the Mac you point your browser to
Currently, logging in doesn’t work with Chrome, so use Safari or Firefox.

TestFlight is for iOS only, you need to download the TestFlight app and install the beta using it.