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Build 180815.2034 has been released


I have been reworking the internals of the match setup process. Previously practice mode, the sandbox, and online matches were handled very differently. Not anymore. There are now four different scenarios: “practice”, “sandbox”, “default”, and “custom”. Each scenario type determines what units to spawn (and the practice scenario also controls the movement of the enemy units) and the victory conditions or score keeping rules. With the new matchmaking architecture it will be possible to add new scenario / game modes in the future. All scenario types can be played both in offline and online mode. Currently, hosting a match online requires early access.

Another change, frequently asked for in reviews, is that the game no longer requires an Internet connection to run! I’ve also fixed a number of crashes and glitches, and this update should be much more stable.


That’s kinda lame
Hosting a match requires early access?
How do we play then?
How does unregistered player play?


You can still join matches just as before, no difference, no special requirements


Does early access only apply to custom mode and sandbox mode? Because I still want to host normal matches.


With this update, all modes / scenarios can be played both offline and online. Even practice mode can now be played online with other players. The hosting service is still in development and requires early access in order to be able to host a match online. With early access can still host the “default” mode match yes (same as the auto-hosted ones with random map and preset units), but you can also make it say a 3+ team battle royale match.


Good to know, so there will still be auto generated games to play.




y e s


I think I need a code, testflight isn’t giving me a new version and I currently cannot play


Oops, I missed to activate the 180815.2034 build in TestFlight. It should work now, try again.