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Bunai Region: transactions, contracts, and battle times

This is used to organise battles (times, locations, and what clans/nations are battling) share contracts, or make transactions between clans. Be sure that if you are performing an action you put * on both sides.

Any time works for me and battles I’m in to the highest pay out…

VI believe I am one of the powers and I want to make a contract with someone.

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I’m listening

I would like to reach out to you to create a Allaince in order to destroy our enemies. If you need support I would be there and hope to help you become a larger tribe. All I ask is that you treat me with respect. Also that you destroy anyone that defies me by taunting me or dishonest g me.

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My tribe will aid you as long as we get our reward after this war .ou betray the tribe the contract will be broken and we will destroy you., but here now our contractt stands your enemy is mine

Glad to here it. I will treat you with the respect you deserve and if you need me to aid you in battle I will be proud to fight along side you. May this contract be long and friendships full.

Well then chief faceless it means we are aft waaarrrrr

I’d like to see you on the battlefield!!!

Then so be it

How do you upload the screenshots

Google photos and I create a link

When r u available

U win can we have peace???

Post screenshot

I’m a mere I hired until king say the wars over

Merc …

I’m trying to

What device do u have???

Galaxy’ s6