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Bunai Region, War of indefinite attrition


So…being entirely new to this whole thing, it probably isn’t the best idea to create something like this off the bat, however, i believe my previous experience with role-play and decent story creation, i can probably muster something up. (keep in mind this is entirely fictional…)

starting with location- The War of Indefinite Attrition is basically a mass war between Kavil and the known region. he recieved an army from his father and had conquered nearby islands to expand upon his empire. The starting point was his homeland Taisi, which is a power hungry island full of loyal and well trained fighters.

Story- after the death of his father Kavil Murabi (me, squrril33) was given a scroll which had information about a secret army that was trained from birth for twenty years. His fathers intended wish was to have him expand the empire to the end of the Bunai region. He acted quickly attacking the island next door, Nali. The battle lasted for ten days as a never ending cycle of well trained warriors stormed the island. After this he begun expansion to several other islands and grew his army to an exceptional size and was prepared for war in the mainlands.
In the Mainlands of Bunai two enemy and already at war factions, as well as a few small tribes, existed. On one side closest to the islands, the Kurushimi Warriors maintained a well kept border, mostly facing the enemy clan. The coast of their land is minimally defended, but a great destance from the central city. several forts dot the path to victory.
ON the other, Malo Ni clan forced an iron grip onto it’s people. a system of brutality had put the clans people in debt and they were only relieved if they gave themselves up to service the generals that remained in power.
The initial cause of their brutal hate for each other was territory. They were both the most well known and powerful clans out of the few that roamed the Mainland. This dispute grew to all out war when two patrols encountered each other and soon fought to the death.

Kavil’s invasion plan- it would make sense to take out the weakest point of the closest enemy. Attacking the shores of the Kurushimi would be the best strategy. After initial invasion we will clear two hundred miles of land in order to build an encampent, which we will slowly build once every one hundred miles that are conqured. When we reach the main city, the encampment will be pulled from the back forward to put heavy attack on the enemy. At this point their forces will spread between our army and their initial enemy. Once the city is taken all civilians are to be imprisoned and trained for war. We will occupy the city until our forces reach the original numbers. We will then have only the minor clans and the Malo Ni to face. This will be a brute force attack from the front until we wipe them out.

Kavil- Taisi Emporor, leader of regiment one (the only regiment located at his homeland (allows constant deployment)
Secondary general (WarringStates123. Your job is to defending conquered territories from small tribes and rebellions)- In charge of defending previously conquered territories
first regiment (infinitely available)- warriors loyal only to Kavil (this does not mean you can’t join other role-play topics or enemy regiments)

general 1- noremac: in charge of regiments 1-3 initial attack/front line force (border) (regiment 1: flick_missile, infinite deploy ability until stated otherwise)
general 2- (available) in charge of regiments 4-5 first defense force (city)
general 3- (available) in charge of regiments 6-7 second defense force (shoreline)
regiments 1-3 (infinitely available until general is dead, which is 5 total defeats)
regiments 4-5- (same as above)
regiments 6-7 (same as above)
you will be engaging both Malo Ni and Kavil. Kavil will always deply units, however when a regiment is destroyed all members officially join Emperor Kavil or Malo Ni. when over, which is when both clans are defeated history will repeat itself or three new names are created, two are voted for, and that will decide a new story. (suggest high roster.) you are the right side of the mainland. your highest number of regiments (all under rule of general 1) face the Malo Ni until the second regiment is defeated.

Malo Ni-
same as Kurushimi clan, however you’re first objective is fighting mainly Kurushimi, Kavil is a secondary, and later, objective. (suggest low-medium roster until first objective is complete). you are on the left side of the mainland and your highest defense faces the Kurushimi.

Politics- in all clans/empires civilians face poverty. leaders and soldiers after retirement have riches. in clans, first generals are leader.

Small clans- Redfoot clan, owned by Chief_faceless (nomadic, kills for money)


please pardon any spelling/punctuation/grammar errors. made late at night. if you want something added or wish to join, simply ask.


I would like to join how do I do so?


Ci would love to play this it sounds like so much fun plz invite me to play


Could you tell me how this will work


Simply state what role you would prefer to play. I’m not entirely sure how to find other players in-game, so if someone could inform me I could essentially organise battles based off of the storyline.


Battles are likely to be organised based off of role and your place in the storyline. Depending on the outcome the storyline may change.


Also, pardon the slow response time, this idea is more of a hobby than something I put all my focus on. I enjoy having a community play out battles strategically and as realisticly as possible. So, over time things will play out and come to an end, at which point I could get suggestions for new ideas for locations to build a new storyline.


Also, small tribes (if any) can make contracts or pacts with other tribes or the three main powers. ifbyou wish to make a contract simply type contract, who the contract is for/with, and the statements of said contract. If you wish to hire mercenaries to assist make sure to inform them of the storyline and make sure they know battles are organised. If there are any more questions let me know.


I would like to join but clcam we be part of the smaller tribes…and yes I read your back story and stuff …i was just wondering


So your going to be a small tribe?


Is there a name you would prefer…?


Yes I’m be a small clan…i would like my clans name to be redfoot


Okay, any other preferences?


My clan is more on the side of kill for money so will fight in any war , we hold no loyalty or respect to other clans ,…also we are highly mobile so we prefer to work with horsemen


Okay, do you prefer east, west, north, or south territory, or nomadic?


Nomadic always perfer to be on the move


Okay, your officially in. If you read the post you’ll find your name and your clan. I’ll add your specs momentarily.


Alright and thanks


No problem. If you have any questions just ask.


Will do soon as I need to