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I start in Rome

Each unit on map, is worth 3 of it’s kind, so a single unit is worth 3 in battle

I’ve defeated the 3 elite swords units and have absorbed them into my army of 15 recruite swords the 3 ashugaru sword units will return to there farms

Here I’ve defeated the gun cavalier with the help of the absorber elite :dagger: that I defeated earlier

sufferd a loss will return and fight the player I lost to, also lost my range calv, for now I will go other routes and build my forces. I will return

I’ve defeated the weak recruit sword unit to my real target the :racehorse: :dagger: to get the speed unit under my army

this screen for some reason didn’t give me a victory even though there were no enemy units on screen, it ended with some mind games

I moved into Ostia territory taking a spear and calv​:dagger: I was after now my plan is to travel to the :racehorse: archer on bottom right of Rome

Every enemy I fight, will have the equal amount of units in the immediate area, that match rank, but not necessarily unit type. This also dictates the territory that come under a players rule. The red x on map signify losses and those territories must be faught by the same enemy in order to obtain again, if they are known or have a name other no name enemies don’t require same person to get back.

Losses suffered

The x have been turned to circles, the red circle with a blue one in the middle, means I lost that unit to an enemy, every loss suffered I lose the unit that I was last at/territory.

With this screens I took Ostia and Neopalis territory

made more advancement in the Neapolis region

Invading salona

my invasion in salona was a failure sufferd a loss of a elite sword unit and will retreat to Neopalis the only full state I control I will build a fortress here to leverage turrain .

Conquerd Italy threw luck and the use of the moral glitch in desperation and tactic, either way it was a win

From Neopalis I marched to Italy and set war upon it and was victorious. Also now the army marches with me I will, which leaves Neopalis vulnerable but I can shift units around to straighten states with the more conquaring I do

How do I make the picture bigger :joy:??

Tap the opposite of the one you want bigger once you clicked it tap it in the middle and the other will be magnified

@bob_the_shogun you will be yellow my armies blue near flag, sorry bout earlier some real world stuff came ,up but also had to revise my army I noticed units were missing, this is the clear version

K thanks.

I will save Ravenna for @bob_the_shogun I will move to Pannonia inferior

yellow rectangle

I’ve conquerd the Pannonia’s, from here on out I will add avatars to the map, some will represent known players I know or that I see a lot or have a profile or name