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Can anyone tell me about The Katana their Advantages and disadvantages πŸ™ thanks


About the Katana Their disadvantages and advantages I seem to lose em right away also What Is the difference between Matchlocks and Archers. From what I know The Archers have longer range and the matchlocks have shorter. Of course I will categorize this as a tactic. After this I might create a whole new topic so we can discuss all of the Advantages and disadvantages of units.

Sekian Terima Kasih~HailTheSlayer


Katanas are shock troops which means there really made for charging they have highest armor but no shield like all the other units which let’s them be shot down just as afectevly


Actually, katanas are more immune to flanking attacks then yari and pikes because you can pivot a sword around easier than a spear. There is no armour difference I know of.


Disadvantages are that they could not beat a pike unit in a frontal 1v1, due to the pikes having more reach. I use them as troops to protect my pikes from flanking manoeuvres.


Advantages for the katana are also they Have some shield or something that the Arrows of archers can and could penitrate so it is harder to get them with archers and they are Samurai they do not easily break even if they do wait a while they’ll come back.


No shield




They are quite hard too get


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