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Cannons are a little overpowered



Cannons are very interesting so far, but it seems that they’re too overpowered and support defensive playstyles too much. Cannons need to be balanced, like have them be more inaccurate or have duds every once in awhile

Artillery Units are OP

I think it’s worse for defensive playstyles if your cannons get took out you have to attack there is no playing defense when your opponent has cannons


Exactly, there needs a nerf for cannons or something like it needing to cool down a bit to give the attackers some time


Or it having a cap on ammunition


Eventually there will be fortifications and defilade positions to balance cannons. Limited ammo should also be added. And modding, so anyone could do this instead of being hard coded.

I could adjust accuracy, kill probabilities, and reload rate for now though.


Cannons are over powered and far too slow - Japanese Samurai cannon of the Sengoku period - from Oda Nobunaga’s to Tokugawa Ieyasu’s campaign seem to be 2-pound cannons…meaning they fired a 2-pound ball.

A two pounder cannon of the period was about 8 to 10 feet has a range of about 0.5 miles. The cannon ball is about 2.5 inches in diameter. The cannons were bronze guns. I could not find out about the weight of a 2 pounder because such small calibre guns were no longer used by the 17th Century by the major militaries of Europe. However, a 4-pounder cannon weighed about 280kg, so a 2-Pounder weighed more like 220-250kg…it was not so heavy as to be very slow, but it was probably impossible to bring them across the river.

I hope the above info helps.

Bear in mind this was 16th and 17th Century Japan, the cannons were not that powerful at all.


I do feel that the cannons are a little bit too accurate. Maybe make them less accurate but give off a morale penalty to their target or units in the vicinity? I certainly would be scared out of my wits if I was being shelled by 2 pounds worth of metal…


It’s a myth that medieval cannons were inaccurate…Early period bombards perhaps, but Bronze cannons of the 16th Century were accurate to within inches within 500 yards…when they said the range of a 2 pounder was 0.5 miles, it means it was accurate up to half a mile. The accuracy against a mass of men is certain. You can watch real bronze cannons shoot on youtube…it completely changes your view of medieval cannon’s accuracy as according to Total War.


here is a little 2 pounder which was accurate to within 1 foot in a hundred yards, but it was a short gun. The 2 pounders that were casted for Nobunaga were about 9 feet long bronze guns, meaning they are very accurate at 0.5 miles.


i dont think any unit in this game should have limited ammo


No worries, I also think it should be possible to turn on and off rules like fatigue and limited ammo