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Cannot start game


when I start the game, it does not give me a play button. If I uninstall and reinstall, the it works once, and after I close it, it shows like this again. Any advice?

Device is oneplus6t




Do you have to reinstall, or does it work if you just terminate the app (swipe or force stop)?

There are some known issues with the current background related to bringing the app back from the background, I’m working on resolving those for the next update.


I do have to reinstall. Force stop doesn’t not work.


I’ve identified that it’s something related to the Chrome webview component, maybe a security update or something that makes it only work once. Judging from the reviews and feedback this seems to be a common problem. One of those bugs that are hard to track down, but I’m working on it.


There was something wrong with a third-party library I was using, but after several days of trying to find the cause of this problem, I gave up and replaced that library with another solution.

I’ve just released an update (190730.2013) for Android that should fix this. @Freedomfighter Please try again and let me know if it works.