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Cavalry screening


Screening, is where the cavalry unit runs in circles to have the ranged fire at them, instead of your troops.

Is this a problem with the game? In real life, i believe you would just shoot the troops not the cav, right? Any suggestions ?


I’m not sure if the auto aim is a feature that will stay in the game or not. It does add fun aspects to the game. For instance, when an opponent uses their cav as a screen you can respond by attacking the cav or splitting your archers.

Once I killed the enemy general when he chased my cavalry. His archers shot at my cav and hit their own general, lowering moral with friendly fire.

As far as strategy goes you must use every feature or bug to your advantage. Sun Tzu said to make many calculations.


You can just tell your archers to fire at any unit you want by manually aiming at that specific unit


You can aim your units… Just drag the little arrow protruding from the unit to the enemy unit.



Wait, is this actually true? Seems like they just automatically aim at the closest unit.


Yes that functionality has “always” been there, but has been very glitchy. Aiming has been improved in the current beta, and along with the Fire and Hold buttons it’s now much more useful.


Tell your archers to shoot at the enemy’s units , it is in the game , the tiny arrow you can drag to turn your troops , drag it to an enemy , not the unit moving arrows , but the rotation arrow


Then why do it?


This strategy has become less effective. It can still be used to distract the opponent for the time it takes them to switch the aiming.