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Champion's Hall

                  .-"      "-.
                 /            \
                |              |
                |,  .-.  .-.  ,|
                | )(__/  \__)( |
                |/     /\     \|
      (@_       (_     ^^     _)
       ) \_______\__|IIIIII|__/__________________________
       )_/        \          /
      (@           `--------` jgs
Current Champion: 

The field is littered with dead. All that remains is a scant few enemy forces. You have come out atop this battle, all that remains is to corner the defeated foe and crush them. There can only be one victor. Only one can be the best.

Challenge another player in the Champion’s Hall and report the outcome of the battle. Each victory will result in a Victory point recorded for that player. Who ever has the most prestige points in the Champion Hall becomes the Shogun, King, Emperor, or whatever title they so choose.


  1. Victory points can only be won in 1 v 1 or 1 v 2 matches.
  2. You may only challenge a particular player once per day.
  3. Players must issue and accept challenges in the Hall thread.

So come and challenge me…but prepare to lose.

              | |____________________________________________________
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _| |                                                  .'`.
|_|_|_|_|_|_|_| |-mbfh-------------------------------------------.'****>
`.            | |_______________________________________________.'***.'
  `.        .'| |                                               `**'
    `-.___.'  `-'                                              .'*`.
                                                               `._.' .
                                                              .   .'*`.
                                                            .'*`. `._.
Champion's Hall Warriors:
-> Noremac 1
-> WaitinNBatin4U69 1

I challenge @WaitinNBatin4U69 for he seems like a worthy foe!

I would defeat you noob, with ease.But since the last update, game laggs, is all black and consumes a lot of battery.

After next update, maybe I kick your ass :D.

Challenge me whenever you want! I’ll be waiting to prove you wrong. :slight_smile:

I challenge you but how do ip play Against you?


I accept! I’ll be waiting for you in the lobby.

Sir this here is The Asskicker. Meet me on the battlefield.

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Come fight me!

I challenge @SLEnergy6400. If he beats me I will join his clan.

You ready to fight me tonight?

I have defeated The Asskicker. Now I shall claim the title of Champion! Any who wishes to test their might may come challenge me. Hopefully, @WaitinNBatin4U69 will want a rematch.

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Named a time and a timezone, and my arrows will blot out the sun.

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I can go now!

I’ll be waiting at noon Pacific Coast time, but you can fight me whenever.

I challenge @Oregon_Puppy. If he can defeat me I will join his clan.

Quick question beta or no
Name time zone and time
Oh eastern time because I don’t want to translate times or what ever

I do not have beta. I’ll be waiting 9:00 pm ET tonight.

Fell asleep

12 noon et today

I’m at work. I can do 6:00 ET. What is your in game name?

Oregon puppy

6 it is