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Chikacrni might be scared


How about a best 3/4 @chikacrni i see you haven’t been on in a while i hope its not your nerves you talk big boy when you play against sub par players… i wanna see you back it up


Just stop hes a changed man


A good if you get on his good side


Yo this man been talking all kinds of shit so i wanna see if he’s as good as he claims mind your buisness if i wanted @HailTheSlayer opinion i will ask




You have to try and get on his good side


If i was a sub par player yes i might have to but im not so i dont have to get on anyones good side he needs to get on my good side fym


Yeh One also needs to get on ones good side


I’ll be sure to holla at ya’ll when I catch you online…


You got Saxon on your team now :cold_face: he’s adopted your shoot and run style and troll :joy: hope you come back knowing how to play :cold_face::man_shrugging:t2:


Its been proven he is scared