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Chosokabe clan of the tosa province recruiting!


❊ This is good


I just realized something idk how to change my name.



I don’t see the edit button


I would like to join the chosokabe clan of toji province as samurai


Change your avatar picture to something first and I need to see you win a couple fights than you can join


Toshiyoshi Your a samurai now


Thanks my daimyo


Toshiyoshi and lotus change your (name put a ✼ after your name)


Hay Misuki would you like to make an allyance with my Royal Mercenary Guard


It’s not possible


On name it’s under username


Is this the mercenary army?


Wait nvm it’s your new clan


I accept the alliance


Its now called the Royal Mercenary Guard so if you nead a royal guard you can pay us 5 gold in the war bank or give us territory on war map for now we are just allys though


Change symbol to :shamrock:


hello master chosokabe
can i join your group
just asking


Sure I just gotta see you win a fight
What do you want to be in the clan.


Most honorable Daimyo, I would be honored to join the ranks of your most honorable clan.