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Chosokabe clan of the tosa province recruiting!


Sure I just gotta see you win a fight.
What do you want to be in the clan?


If your in the chosokabe change symbol to :shamrock:


Is this clan still alive or is it dead already?
Have anyone seen MisukiChosokabe?


I think it’s dead he hasnt been on forum in a while


I’ve been on the discord


Also waiting for Estoy and Tokugawa to answer.




Still waiting.


Can I join


Sure just tell me what rank you want to be and I have to see you fight a battle


misuki-domo are you there




Are you on the discord Pm me if you have discord so I can come on and watch you fight.


Sorry about the late response. I was busy. I can be an ashiguru or a samurai. Whatever is better for you.


Can you pm me on discord please.


Plz give me discord link




Recruiting goes well?




Toukugawa is on leave I think. But japanboys can join the clan if he sends me a picture of a victory and chooses what he wants to be.