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Conquest For Spain

In this game you will get a Territory In Spain and try to expand it by posting screenshots of a player you defeated.Each player gets one gold mine which produces 10gold a week you can buy up to 2 more gold mines each costing 100gold and you can trade and deal with the other players you can also form alliances with your naghbors if you want.tell me the territory you want and what color you want to have also.

ill have Granada

Beacause its the first state we muslims took

Shit I no want reqoncuista

What color do you want

Then the Mroz clan will have Adalucia

Been to granada



Madrid and leon

What color do you want as your marker

Red same red that’s on my flag

It will just be light red the color is tranceperant red

Ill take galacia (cyan)

Alright what color do you want to be your territory marker