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Constantly enters a white field the entire game is hidden



Play Store review:
“Ständig tritt ein Weißes Feld wss das gesamte Spiel verdeckt. Unspielbar”

I can't log in and can't play :(

All I understood was
And spiel

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Everytime i tap above the white field, it starts dissapearing but starts again after a few seconds. I have to shut down my internet so i’m not asked to log in .


This might be two different bugs (or it might be the same, I’m not sure yet)

@MTF_NineTailedFox What did you do when the white screen appeared, did you click on something, did it happen at startup or much later?

@Gunther_Faid Do you also have a screenshot of the problem? that would be very helpful


Another bug report from a Play Store review

When I first began playing the games was amazing. Commanding troops on a
field, customized armies and maps, and online gameplay. It was a dream.
However I was only able to play the game for about a day. The game now
requires me to log in, but it won’t let me. It shows me. White screen. I
cant play anything but practice mode because now I’m offline. Please fix
this. Your game is great otherwise and if it would let me play I’d give it
5 stars. I tried deleting the app and downloading but it still didn’t work.
Please fix.


I downloaded the game on my new phone Huawei Y6 2018 but when I open the game I can connect on the forum but not in the game



I just have this white screen pooping out


Yes, I’m aware of this bug and I’m trying to track it down, it seems to happen with Android 8.0


Oh okay I have a system update to do maybe I should do it to repair the problem


You could also check your time setting and make sure it’s set to automatically set the time


OK thank you


I did the update and checked the time but I doesn’t work same problem as before


I doesn’t seem to be related to Android 8.0, I have now been able to reproduce it on my Android 7.0 Shield tablet. Now that I can reproduce it, it should be much easier to debug.




I’ve found out that the problem is related to multiprocess webviews, and that is indirectly related to Android 8.0 because 8.0 enables multiprocess webviews by default and earlier versions didn’t. I’m still trying to figure out what all that means :thinking: and how to fix the bug
Ahhh, now I understand the problem: the login popup can’t access the window.opener callback in a multiprocess webview!!! Of course!!! now I only need to find a solution…




This bug has now been fixed and there’s a new Android build (180823.1833)

I can't log in and can't play :(

Thank you :slight_smile: