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Create a story bit by bit


An alien ship came from the sky and took all the children…


Sultan Firas wages jihad and capture Stockholm king James capital


Stockholm ? I’m from Norwegian stock not swedish filth so you mean Oslo


Jarl Mroz marches North but as he gets there he finds a completely destroyed Muslim army who froze to death and died of lack of vitamin D for they were too dark


The bears watch your army march past


Swedish filth???


But shortly afterwards, a new Empire had risen from the ashes of the Chinese kingdoms


The other James sees the world fall into chaos and commits seppuku.


The Sultan Was Outraged An charges At Oslo winning a complete victory


And we shouted الله ا كبر


But a new enemy had risen in the north


James sails his fleet from Iceland takes Oslo with hardly any casualties and killing the sultan himself wins a great victory by saving Europe from the Muslims


African warring tribes just invaded through iberia


But the “Sultan” was just a double body
The real Sultan went to get support from other Muslim nations and invaded Europe and massacered all Resistance.In the end None prevailed


The population of Iceland was Massacred and the Kings palace was burnt down to the ground


And in the end the Sultan captured Jarl Mroz


African tribes just took western europe, now threatening to launch a naval invasion to the north


Sultan Hail Lainched an invasion towards The African tribes killling them one by one until the last Man got Lynched


Then Sultan Hail said
“Те нямат представа какво им казват. Научи български”


An asteroid strikes earth