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Custom maps bugs


sometimes depending on the location on the map some hills wont get filled in


Use the finger it raises elevation that should work also if it’s over water some times that happens in that case hit the water icon and use eraser over holes that will fill them in


Yes, use the erase water tool to get rid of those craters (it’s on the bug list)




oh, and btw why does this happen when the soldiers go somewere they cand go’ they should either die or at least go around it,
or as the very minimum, they should be easy to get back in formation

seriously, why cant they go around?
especially as the maps sometimes have unnoticed spots where they cant go


Routing units die if they end up in deep water or fall off a cliff, but non-routing units sometimes get stuck. The behaviour is totally brainless, and I seriously need to add path finding, both on individual and unit level.