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Custom matches are glitchy

ok, so it depends on the total number of units, thanks

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And players the otherday we made a 2v5 and when we started, one of my units started acting weird wherever I move the arrow goes and I’m not even draging it with my finger

The units will reset if you try to move they move then return to pervious position and if you attempt to move them again it does the same.

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Plz fix felix

fix it felix


How am I able to have a online custom match?

need early access

You need early access

Still bugs and glitches in custom

The command buttons do not work, which is a major thing! Or they work when they them selfes decide to, and its not often unfortunately!

Is this recent in custom matches. Do the orders reset? Also how do you get custom matches again?

I have fixed a number of server networking issues. But please report if you’re still seeing issues.

It crashes, kicks me out then comes back. It also does it to my opponent

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It’s doing it now

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I hope that particular issue with several players vs each other is fixed, last on 1 vs 1 vs 1 my two opponents troops were on top of each other so it was impossible to distribute any onto the map!

fMy dear friend Nikodil, please brother :pray:

ok, I’ll look into these issues and try to do a maintainance update

My ping are in the 1000 then it will crash then return to game it may do this multiple times in a single match.Please fix custom mode, there so glitchy units keep reseting, to the point you just can’t play and pings are in the thousands. How can we help fix this it’s real bad.

This is hella glitchy almost not playable it’s frustrating I set up units in a particular area and form and I start the game glitches kicking me out then bringing me back then some units I won’t be able to control. The older versions I didn’t have tis much problems but I did get a new phone hope it gets fixed when you fix it you shouldn’t change it lol.

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@nikodil we should be able to gift each other credits

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“I did get a new phone”, out “protesting” huh? :))) Me I’m hoping someone smashes the windows of the Rolex store so I can get a new watch!