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Daddy DeVito's tactics

Come here to discuss Daddy tactics


You think you know tactics, son?

you think you know tactics, hmm??? i haven’t lost a single game yet, sir.

Every great Asskicker has gotten his ass kicked, son.

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Not me. Not yet. not this game

But I am kinda bragging. My time will come- perhaps when I meet you on he field of battle?

Or me don’t be a brager it’s not good to brag unless you are certain you are the best and you have beaten all the best players

true. very true.

Oh great tactician teach us!


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Playing you its the only time I have seen 1 yari cav rout one katana inf+naginata inf+katana cav…and the only time (exept other crash/bugs) where archer unit is as strong as an inf unit against two cavs, well almost! and tacticly I have faced way way better players, so I dont really know what you are taking credit for!

I guess ur beatable

but this is weard, note how his general destroyed several inf units at once!

without a single dead horse and it went on for a good 10 seconds!

I was AFK. my brother has kicked me off the computer, now I’m on my iPad. The reason my units stood and your’s didnt was because your general was routing, causing a knock-on effect to your units morale. I respect your prowess in battle tho, and hope their are no hard feelings.

I understand your saltiness though, it. Is a little hard to believe, perhaps there is a bug?

Nah…not good reason enough…ur general was fighting two samurai units and one yari ashigaru! I dont care if God himself was routing ur general should be dead! And by the way my general was not routing as you can see him alive and well in the victory screenshot!

Not that bit. Plus, you have no vid for proof, so that could be 2 secs before he routs. Anyway, what lie are you going to come up with next. Aww, this my last reply. (Next message now) I don’t particularly feel I’m excellent, but if u think this a glitch ur probably right. So fair enough.(next message) you are probably rightmaybe we should take it up with the devs?( next message) I explained cos I want u to understand.

Sorry dude…ur have potentiall, but you are not close to seasoned player like Nox, Centurion, Scipio, the Dude, Noremac and so on! I have been playing this for two years and have never seen units act like this! Not salty…but I understand that you feel that you are an exelent player!

I dont have to lie I have the screen, anyway I took so the seasoned players could comment and express a view! I dont gain anything by lying as I am trying to find out what is going on!