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Dear Nikodil this cannot go on!

The way it looks now winning is way too easy! Every time I just kill off the opponents range and cav units just to shoot them dead with my range units, and from a safe distance too, since they never have any fast units to chase with! Its getting old being a God and not having challenges! The rest of the better players cannot solve the problem that I am and I am at the top lonely, which is incredibly taxing from an emotional point of view! There are good players out there, they just cannot handle the characteristics of the game as it is now! Mostly for their sake…maybe a change is needed!
Have a nice weekend!

Ok, yes it’s an interesting problem. I’m not sure how to solve it but I’m open to discussion. What changes do you suggest?

Either op the cavalry,against range, or make range suffer hit damage in the form of slowing the units down the more it depleats. Or the range can stay the same but let it be more vulnerable hit damege wise.

I knew our friend Centurion would have the answers!

Limit the speed and power of ranged units and the problem is mostly solved.

Naah I was joking…keep everything as is so these fools learn to protect their range and cav :joy::joy:

If it’s “only” a balance issue, then I think I need your help, because I’m probably just an average player at best. Once I get the new maintenance update working with the module loading mechanism, it will be possible to for anyone to tweak the unit stats.

I’ve put the code for the sandbox scenario on github, and I’ll write some how-to instructions soon. Some technical knowledge will be required (such as running commands from the command prompt), but just tweaking unit stats should be fairly easy.

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Yep learn to keep your cav units from dying☠

Limited ammo. Say fifty volleys for any ranged unit, and then it is out of ammo and can only be used in melee.