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Dear Nikodil this is our (the communities) view to make this game


Dear Nikodil,Since the End Of 2018 is not far.I think we all should express our feelings for how to make the game better.

I know most of my posts are jokes.But if people post on this topic they will or might send they’re views to make this game good.This is almost like the Devlog but it’s by the community and thank you Felix.Thank you Felix for making us the game thank you so very much.

I HailTheSlayer or my formal name in my clan Lord Hail Of Mroz/Al Andalus will like to thank you and Congratulate you for All these years

~Sincerely Hail Of Andalus/HailTheSlayer


I would enjoy seeing two things: hash codes and loby invite links. The hash code, which I already posted about, would work best if there was a way to link people to a game in a lobby.

This would be a private game that would not show up in the normal lobby so you need the link to get in. The link would be a URL that sends you to app or website depending on the device you use. I believe the game was designed as a web app so it could be ported to many devices so this should be possible?

The purpose of this is so that players could agree upon conditions before entering the game and to make it easier to challenge specific players. That would be important for the hash code function to work with other games.