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Defend ur flank


when in an infintry battle to have a good chance 4 survivle use a close formation and if posible have a haulted unit extreamly close to ur engaged line


I would like to take a castle.


The Castle of Ease, because I’m a noob


I ACCEPT YOUR CHALLENGE-That sounds good name ur time and day but if i lose it 2 u i should b givn the same chance under the same rules to reclaim but if i lose the rematch implament any other rules how ever u please


@Eric_alexder_theg8 :skull::skull:


Weird my win against @Eric_alexder_theg8 won’t load


Thats weird about screen shothas it ever happend .someone plans 2 battle 4 that same castle but if he doesnt reply ill just battle u


IDK when ever works for you maybe tomorrow night around 6pm mountain man time?


I better warm up because I haven’t played in like months.


His pretty good man not as good as 420fied in my opinion but his good GL🤘🏽
To you both samurai …even though I already beat @Eric_alexder_theg8 yesterday for the ease castle


U beat me but u didnt imply it was 4 castle i would have played more serious if tht was ur intent n would have gladly givn u the castle cause i plan 2 get it back


I was trying to talk to you in the game but you never replied


I’ve been updating the forum software and moving it to some new servers. Some images seem broken. Opening the link in a new window seems to work though.


The castle of ease- has gone to nox on the field of plains 1 he came with a spread apart unorthadox technique he had his units spread apart drawing my bunch unit in only to be picked out stratigicly my men weaverd and broke fleeing i made an irrelevant stand stand near my corner wich i was easily broke i would call nox a finess plyer with great micro management and understanding off the game a true master or among 1 of them at least. Great challenger better then me 4 sure its a always fun 2 fight elites cause true non hill top campers will beat u in def and offence when ur camped or whether u charge its always a micromanegers game and nox is a true commander of his units


hey i notice u post lots of screen shots u should join my game in forum under GAME its a screen shot game like normacs exept more detailed as far as plot images right now its in land plot phase to c if people play but im gonna put castles n army in later phase after land territories are established which means all plots are filled the army and seige phase will be like playn chess but thats later now its simple land plot phase example more detail in game forum


Looks awesome man I’ll check it out forsure
I really only take screen shots of Named players tho


Don thank me