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Definitive Map?


We need a defenitive map, one that can show borders and clearly cities and whatnot. we currently have a lot of maps that arent that clear


check out the greatest conquest of all time


Sorry about map i needed a big map to fill more players to avoid relying on a spacific few players for it to function there are lots of players that will play a few days then be inactive for months so a small map wont be able to function without these few playing a big map ensures active players.are always there even if some arnt


Yeah I understand but how about trying to make something like my map wich can be bigger but is very clear


I did have 1 that was completely clear.but the inactive thing pretty much killed that so far this big map has been the only thing that has survived due to its vastness and its function


Ok then but how would I be able to update that???


My map is for short term so I hope that inactivity doesnt hurt it


I have an app called infinite painter i paid $ for it though 2 dollers i think but i would more have u focus on the narritive and write out who went were by reading post and the territory they claim if its random choose were they go by finding the nearest territory of an opponent they beat i will follow the instructions of your narritive to change graphics on map unless u get infinate painter u can do way more i dont know how to use other cut n paste app but u can if u want i can walk u threw steps


Please give a 300 page instruction manual I’d rather read 300 pages but explain every inch with all the detail thanks


If needed follow up with pictures


What would you like me to do???


Ok i defenitly will but i will type it out on my tablet later, its a hassle to type on here i will give detailed instructions likly later after this update


thanks i know typing here is horrible


I think it is a good idea to make a new map that is easier to view and update. Maybe a cross between a grid (Like my map of conquest) and a map (like Eric’s Territory Bank). The conqured territory would be expressed in an outline around the territory. I will post pictures and a 300 page outline later;)


Thanks for the 300 pages. but this might require 500 :dizzy_face::dizzy_face::mask: